Electron Microscope Analyzers


XFlash®7 - The New EDS Detector Series

The Right Angle for Better Analysis

Fast. Precise. Reliable.

Punti salienti

Real analytical throughput up to 1,000,000 cps
Achieve unmatched analysis speed
> 2,200
Element lines
Quantify the most complex data using the most comprehensive atomic database incl. K, L, M and N lines
> 1.1
Maximize your sample throughput with optimum geometry for most efficient collection of the generated X-rays

Energy-Dispersive Spectrometry for SEM, FIB-SEM and EPMA

  • Bruker's latest generation of QUANTAX EDS features the XFlash®7 detector series, which provides thelargest solid anglefor X-ray collection (also called collection angle) and thehighest throughput.
  • The XFlash®7 continues to set standards inperformance and functionalityin energy-dispersive spectrometry for the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Focused Ion Beam (FIB-SEM) and Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA).
  • The XFlash®7 detector family also offers optimized solutions for EDS analysis of electron transparent specimens in TEM and SEM, as well as the unique XFlash®FlatQUAD, a detector made to answer your questions on challenging samples.
  • Slim-line technology, large collection angle design, latest generation pulse processing,maximized system uptimethrough predictive maintenance.
  • Highest spectral performanceobtained with best energy resolution.
  • Increased accuracy of resultsby sophisticated quantification algorithms and a unique combination of standardless and standard-based methods.


Make Your Elemental Analysis more Efficient!

  • Gain very precise results faster with individually optimized EDS systems. It ensures unmatched speed and precision.
  • Shorten measurement time with maximized throughput, enabling mapping and quantification at all settings with no limitation of data size.
  • Analyze challenging samples now, thanks to the most efficient geometric collection of generated X-rays.
  • Benefit from accurate and reliable quantification results with optimized geometry minimizing background and avoiding absorption.
  • Detect small quantities with better detection limit, lower background and less absorption.
  • One for all - seamless integration of EDS, WDS, EBSD, and Micro-XRF in the comprehensiveESPRITanalysis platform for any SEM, FIB-SEM and EPMA.


Fields of Application of Elemental Analysis on SEM

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