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Year Title Author(s) Imaging Platform Subject Methodology
2022 An ex vivo system to study cellular dynamics underlying mouse peri-implantation development (Developmental Cell) Takafumi Ichikawa, Hui Ting Zhang, (…), Takashi Hiiragi InVi, PM Module Pre-implantaion development, Morphogenesis, Patterning Mouse, Ex-vivo, Live imaging, Laser ablation
2022 Parallel evolution of a splicing program controlling neuronal excitability in flies and mammals (Science Advances) Antonio Torres-Méndez, Sinziana Pop, (…), Manuel Irimia MuVi LS Neurobiology, Motor neuron activity Drosophila, Calcium imaging
2021 Imaging translation dynamics in live embryos reveals spatial heterogeneities (Science) Jeremy Dufourt, Maelle Bellec, (…), Mounia Lagha MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Drosophila, SunTag, Live imaging, In-toto
2021 Dual spindles assemble in bovine zygotes despite the presence of paternal centrosomes (Journal of Cell Biology) Isabell Schneider, Marta de Ruijter-Villani, (…), Jan Ellenberg Prototype InVi Embryogenesisi, Parental chromosomes, Spindle formation Bovine, Live imaging
2021 Integration of cell growth and asymmetric division during lateral root initiation in arabidopsis thaliana (Plant and Cell Physiology) Lilli Marie Schütz, Marion Louveaux, (…), Alexis Maizel MuVi LS Lateral root formation, Anticlinal and periclinal division Arabidopsis, Live imaging
2021 Fish primary embryonic pluripotent cells assemble into retinal tissue mirroring in vivo early eye development (eLife) Lucie Zilova, Venera Weinhardt, (…), Joachim Wittbrodt MuVi LS 眼发展,视网膜瀑样 Medaka, Zebrafish, Organoides, Live imaging
2021 Mechanical competition alters the cellular interpretation of an endogenous genetic program (Journal of Cell Biology) Sourabh Bhide, Denisa Gombalova, (…), Maria Leptin Prototype MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Gastrulation Drosophila, Live imaging, In-toto
2021 Smad4 controls signaling robustness and morphogenesis by differentially contributing to the Nodal and BMP pathways (Nature Communications) Luca Guglielmi, Claire Heliot, (…), Caroline S. Hill MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Gen regulation, mRNA Zebrafish, Live imaging, In-tot
2021 Endothelial Wnts control mammary epithelial patterning via fibroblast signaling (Cell Reports) Jingqiang Wang, Wenqian Song, (…), Yi Arial Zeng MuVi CS Mammary Gland, whole-tissue imaging Mouse, Tissue Clearing
2020 Cell death in cells overlying lateral root primordia facilitates organ growth in arabidopsis (Current Biology) Sacha Escamez, Domenique André, (…), Hannele Tuominen MuVi LS Lateral roots, Organ growth Arabidopsis, Live imaging
2020 Axis specification in zebrafish is robust to cell mixing and reveals a regulation of pattern formation by morphogenesis (Current Biology) Timothy Fulton, Vikas Trivedi, (…), Benjamin Steventon MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Early pescoids, Cell division patterns, Cell rearrangement Zebrafish, Live imaging, In-tot
2020 Contact area–dependent cell communication and the morphological invariance of ascidian embryogenesis (Science) Léo Guignard, Ulla-Maj Fiúza, (…), Patrick Lemaire MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Cell lineages, Morphology Ascidience, Live imaging, In-toto
2020 MorphoSeq: Full single-cell transcriptome dynamics up to gastrulation in a chordate (Cell) Hanna L. Sladitschek, Ulla-Maj Fiuza, (…), Pierre A. Neveu Prototype MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Genome-wide gen expression Ascidian 'Phallusia mammillata', in-toto, live imaging, scRNA-seq
2020 Cell and tissue manipulation with ultrashort infrared laser pulses in light-sheet microscopy (Scientific Reports) Gustavo de Medeiros, Dimitri Kromm, (…), Lars Hufnagel Prototype MuVi , PM Module MuVi, Cell and tissue manipulation, Ablation Drosophila, Live imaging, Multiphoton ablation
2020 Tracking cells in epithelial acini by light sheet microscopy reveals proximity effects in breast cancer initiation (eLife) Ashna Alladin, Lucas Chaible, (…), Martin Jechlinger InVi Tumor organiodes, Mammary epithelial acini, oncogenes Mouse, Organoids, Live imaging
2019 A tug-of-war between cell shape and polarity controls division orientation to ensure robust patterning in the mouse blastocyst (Developmental Cell) Ritsuya Niwayama, Prachiti Moghe, (…), Takashi Hiiragi InVi Embryogenesis, Cell Shape, Division pattern Mouse, Live imaging, In-tot, Lineage tracing
2018 Bicoid gradient formation mechanism and dynamics revealed by protein lifetime analysis (Molecular Systems Biology) Lucia Durrieu, Daniel Kirrmaier, (…), Michael Knop Prototype MuVi LS Embryogenesis, Morphogen distripution Drosophila, In-toto, live imaging
2018 Dual-spindle formation in zygotes keeps parental genomes apart in early mammalian embryos (Science) Judith Reichmann, Bianca Nijmeijer, (…), Jan Ellenberg Prototype InVi Embryogenesisi, Parental chromosomes, Spindle formation Mouse, Live imaging
2015 Inverted light-sheet microscope for imaging mouse pre-implantation development (Nature Methods) Petr Strnad, Stefan Gunther, (…), Jan Ellenberg Prototype InVi Embryogenesisi, Zygote, Blastocyst Mouse, Live imaging, In-tot, Lineage tracing
2015 Confocal multiview light-sheet microscopy (Nature Communications) Gustavo de Medeiros, Nils Norlin, (…), Lars Hufnagel Prototype MuVi LS Confocal MuVi, Full Frame MuVi, Data Fusion Drosophila, Live imaging, Line detetcion
2012 Multiview light-sheet microscope for rapid in toto imaging (Nature Methods) Uros Krzic, Stefan Gunther, (…), Lars Hufnagel Prototype MuVi Muvi, Embryogenesis, Cell Tracking Drosophila, live imaging, in-toto


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