Microbiology and Diagnostics

Bruker’s broad range of specialized technologies sheds light on the microbial world

The World of Microorganisms

The number and diversity of microorganisms infecting humans and animals is ever increasing. Understanding how microbes cause disease and evade treatment is crucial for the protection of global public health. Bruker supports researchers and healthcare providers in the rapid identification and analysis of microorganisms. Our intuitive, robust instrumentation and molecular diagnostics assays meet the needs of both clinical microbiologists and those in industrial and applied microbiology.

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What your Bruker Microbiology & Diagnostics Team can do for you during the COVID-19 crisis - On-site service for your system, supply of CARE consumables and digital meetings

COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2测试

Identifying infection and differentiating from other respiratory diseases

Diagnostics solutions & Healthcare Challenges

Bacteria, yeast and mycobacteria, whether clinically common or rare, can cause serious harm when not identified and treated quickly. Increasingly prevalent conditions, such as sepsis or multi-drug resistant (MDR) microorganism infections, pose a serious threat to hospitals and wider public health, requiring rapid, automated microbial identification and resistance testing solutions for the entire clinical workflow.

Veterinary Microbiology

Among the current critical challenges facing veterinary microbiologists is the need to obtain secure species identification of rare and challenging organisms affecting animals, in a timely manner.

Water Testing Microbiology

Accurate identification of waterborne pathogens and quality indicators is key in microbial water testing.

Food & Beverage Microbiology

Accurate microbiological testing technology is vital for the detection of foodborne pathogens, possible food spoilage organisms and technological strains. Rapid identification and confirmation methods enable food and beverage manufacturers to make fast quality and safety decisions.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Pharmaceutical microbiologists are responsible for ensuring that the supply of life-saving drugs and vaccines are free from microorganism contamination. By maintaining product safety and quality with reliable microbial testing, the downtime of production and delay in deliveries can be minimized, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical companies require microbial identification not only for production line control, but also for sterile products such as vaccines.

Microbiological Research

Identify and classify microorganisms for microbiological research and resistance testing